Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Finishes

 My first finish for the week was adding a sleeve to full size quilt for the local United Way office.  This quilt has been hanging in their old office by tack pins.  They moved into a new office the first of the year and it will displayed by hanging it on a decorative rod.  This is such a fun quilt that the kids from different agencies created.
Second quilt finish this week was a t-shirt quilt.  This quilt was a learning process for both the quiltermaker and myself.  This is the first t-shirt quilt made by the quiltmaker.  There was no interfacing behind the t-shirts and it would not lay nice on the longarm without stretching and puckering under the hopper foot.  We decided that it would be best if the quiltmaker would take the quilt home and iron on interfacing.  She did a lovely job and it quilted up nicely.  I am looking forward to the next t-shirt quilt.
I have been working on the wedding quilt and having one side of binding left to finish and then the label. 
Tonight my guild will have Lisa Binkley from Wisconsin as our guest speaker and Saturday workshop teacher.  Looking forward to meeting her and hear lecture on embellishing your quilts.

Have a good weekend!

Yours in quilting,


  1. I have made a couple t-shirt quilts and they are challenging. I have yet to quilt one since I got my long arm though. Love that wedding quilt!

    1. The quiltmaker was a non-quilter so I had to help her learn what to do. We both learned a lot. With the interfacing ironed on that stabilized the fabric and took out most of the stretch.

  2. I have not been brave enough to try a T-shirt quilt yet because of the perceived difficulty in working with the fabric, but I have enough charity ride shirts that it is something on the back burner for one day. I am encouraged by the way this turned out, even though the quiltmaker had to add the interfacing to make it work. I really like the way it turned out!

    1. There's a good you tube tutorial by Missouri Star Quilts. Once you start working on the t-shirt, keep going. Don't let it become a UFO. I was told the interfacing will let go of the t-shirts if it gets old and then you have to start over.