Monday, April 28, 2014

Design Wall Monday

What a whirlwind weekend this has been. First, I hope this finds everyone safe from the storms that have been swirling around many states.  The pictures from the Little Rock, Arkansas, look similar to the damage in Washington, IL.  My heart goes out to those folks that have lost their homes and/or lost a loved one.

So where to start....Thursday, I finished quilting a quilt but didn't have a great picture of it.  I hope this picture gives you a better view.  Sherri, the customer, layed it out on the floor for viewing.
Here's a close up of the quilting.  I used Glide gold thread.  It gives the appearance of being metallic but its only polyester.
Friday, I headed to Fulton to Susan's Calico Creations for a couple of sewing days. 

Here's Sherri K.'s other quilt which was quilted by Carol O.   It is quilted with a variegated thread with a very hot pink backing.  I love this pillow made out of Civil War repro fabrics.

Here is Cathy K's Smith Mountain Morning Quilt.  Cathy and I took this class from Bonnie  Hunter in Peoria last October.  Below is the project that is close to Cathy K's heart.  Her daughter lost their home in the Washington, IL tornado last November.  These are the blocks that the Washington, IL quilt guild are making.  The house blocks are 3 1/2 inches square. They are trying to make 1000 blocks to represent the approximate 1000 homes damaged or destroyed by the tornado.
Some quilters are making these blocks by paper piecing.
Cathy K is piecing her blocks.  Below is a picture of her organizing the tiny pieces. 
Susan spent time catching up on her Quilt Doodle Designs block of the month.
Nancy B. spent time working on these very old redwork blocks.  Her customer found these blocks in a trunk and they are in perfect condition.
Mera spent her weekend making this quilt for a graduation gift.
Carol O made this baby quilt.

Carol R made the baby quilt above and was having a moment of creativity below. 
Betty J was busy putting the binding on three quilts.  She also was the "slice and dice" lady cutting up fabrics "Bonnie Hunter" style for stash storage.
Kathy D was busy making a blue and green beauty.
As well as the preparing for teaching the quilt below in a future class. 
Below is my design wall in process.
This is a pattern from Quiltmaker 100 Blocks but I am putting my spin on the design.

I am adding an addition border as the quilt is not large enough. 
You will have to come back to see the finished top. 
I came home Sunday worn out.  So I took a nap to recharge my batteries so that I could go to my part time job at the mall and work a floor set from 6pm to midnight.  I got to sleep in this morning.
Today I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.
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  1. I really like the modern one you quilted. Looks like y'all accomplished a lot over the weekend. Son's family in AR was close but spared. TN storms went south of us last night. Expecting more today and probably flooding.