Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tuesday Tip - Irons

I am in a debate over irons.  About two years ago I bought a Euro Steam iron, which is a small steam generator without the huge tank style base that has to sit on the floor or near the iron.  This iron sits flat on a silicone base and does not have auto shut-off.  It also is advertised as "will not burn any fabric".  I have found this to be true and it doesn't leave iron marks on dark fabrics such as dress pants.  Recently, we used this iron at our quilt retreat day and night and the handle got extremely hot.  I am going to have to write the company and see what we can do about it.  I like this iron but find myself switching back to a normal iron sometimes to allow for a hotter iron that is dry.  It makes pressing quicker when piecing.  Kind of a touch and go method.

This Euro Steam also came with a travel size iron which is nice for retreats and also packs well in a suitcase for vacation.  Mine has been to Alaska and back.

Recently, my regular iron died.  So I decided to try another Dollar General iron.  I had bought one before and was very pleased with it.  When I went to Dollar General they had two irons to choose from:  $15 steam iron with auto shut-off or $9 steam iron that didn't have auto shut-off.  I bought the $9 iron.  Love it!!!  No auto shut-off is my friend.  I would recommend this inexpensive iron.
I have found that the cheap ones last as long as the expensive ones.  After having this one for a week, Black Friday ads arrived.  Bergners had a T-Fal iron on sale for $19.97.  Now the T-Fal is the best iron I have ever owned.  I had it for 11 years and its the one that just died.  It had been knocked off my ironing board more times than I can count and kept working until recently.  I think I got my monies worth so I bought another.
In closing if you just need an iron on a budget I recommend the $9 iron at Dollar General.  If you want a quality iron at a medium price I recommend the T-Fal iron.  If you want an expensive iron to work on all kinds of fabrics, steam for difficult creases, and no auto shut-off, I also recommend the Euro Steam.
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  1. I'm with you, Terry. Cheaper irons seem to last just as long as the more expensive ones. (Incidentally, I feel the same way about shoes!) Loved my T-Fal until the plate got gunked up somehow. The Shark from BB&B does a nice job, too, for a mid-price iron.

  2. I love my rowenta iron.

  3. Thanks for all the info on the irons Terry! I never use steam and auto on/off......doesn't work for me. My old one died last year and so far I just bought a cheapie. Thanks for sharing.
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    1. Thanks for allowing us to join your Linky Party. We will have to meet one of these days, we don't live to far apart.