Monday, December 30, 2013

Design Wall - Celtic Solstice Progress

Its Monday!  We have all been so busy with preparing for Christmas and now for New Year's Eve.  Our neighbors are having a the annual New Year's Eve gathering so I only have to make a salad.  My husband loves 24 Hour Salad and that's what I will take.  The reason it is called 24 Hour Salad is it takes 24 hours for the flavors to meld.  I will share the recipe in a future post.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!  Ours was a quiet day at home and you can view it here.
In as much as we are all talented in quilting, creating, and crafting, the best thing I ever made is my son.  I am so thankful he is healed and living a productive life since his car accident two years ago on Christmas Eve.

Since we didn't have a house full of company.  I have been able work on quilting memory quilts and cutting out Celtic Solstice clues.
Here's the Chevron clue cut out and laying in a Sterilite tub.
Even  had to use the calculator to total it up.
Have a few parts sewn.
I may not have all the clues done.  But I have a great amount of PROGRESS!!!
The cutting takes forever, but the sewing seems to be going more quickly.  Sure could use a person to do all the ironing then I know I could go faster.  I am thrilled that I am making better progress in keeping up.  Over the next couple of days should be able to make further progress as it will be quiet around here.
Today I am linking up with Patchwork Times and Quiltville.
Are you working on New Year's Goals?  I am!
Yours in quilting,


  1. Your colors look great. I've often wished for someone that would iron pieces while I continue to sew!

  2. Glad you are still working on it...this one is going to be so worth it!