Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life Gets in the Way

Yes, it has been one month since I posted on my blog.  This is suppose to be my modern journal but life seems to get in the way.  I really don't know where the time went but I can think of a few things that have happened in the past thirty days.

1.  Got a new hot water heater.  Boy, do the showers feel good now.  Nothing better than a hot shower to get you up and started in the morning.  I know the hubbster appreciates his hot shower in the evening after a long day at work.

2.  Working on getting prepared to send Indy, our Australian Shepherd, out on the show circuit with a handler.

3.  New Handi Quilter Avante is set up and running.  I have been working to learn all the new things on this longarm.  I completed three charity quilts on it before starting on a customer's quilt.  I love how quietly it runs and like the new patterns that came preloaded on the computer.

4.  I am trying to run two longarm machines and get caught up on customer quilts, so I can quilt a few of my own.  There is one problem, and its a good problem, a customer calls with another quilt about the time I get caught up. :)

Never, did I think my quilting business would take off like this when I retired last year.
I feel very blessed to be able to get up and do something I enjoy every day.

Yours in quilting,

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  1. It took off because you are such a wonderful person and are immensely talented!!! Doesn't surprise me at all.