Friday, May 31, 2013

Quilts Who Went Home

A few quilts went home this week.  The first two quilts were quilted with Glide thread.
First, the dirt bike quilt went home with 8 year old, Kelsey, for his bed.
Kelsey took a quick look at his quilt and said, "OOuu cool Grandma" and was off to play with my dogs, Harry and Rascal.
The beautiful Trip Around the World quilt went home too.  Here is a better picture of it.

The final quilt to go home this week was a Tinker Bell quilt.
This was a twin size quilt.
This one presented a little bit of a challenge.  Grandma had made a previous quilt in pink for one granddaughter and this lavender one is for the next granddaughter.  I didn't get to see the other quilt but they brought me pictures of the quilting with a ruler laying in the picture.  This allowed me to judge the size of the quilting and try to match it.  YLI confetti variegated thread was used on the back and Omni Lt. Mulberry on the front.  Always a challenge with tension getting the dark thread not to show on the back and/or the light thread to show on the front.  My Avante handled it beautifully with some minor adjusting.
Does anybody fall in love with each quilt as you finish quilting it?  I do! Thank you to my customers for bringing me wonderful quilts to quilt.
Yours in quilting,

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