Thursday, May 23, 2013

Back in the Studio

My husband has been in the hospital and now home recuperating.  He plans to return to work on Tuesday after the Memorial Day weekend.  We will get back on a normal schedule then. 

I returned to my studio trying to finish customer's quilts who have been patiently waiting.

This dirt bike quilt is headed home to an 8 yr. old boy.  I used the stars and loops pattern that came on my Avante.

This pattern provided great allover coverage. Grandma who made the quilt told me it would be washed a lot and this pattern will hold the quilt together through many washings.  The thread is Glide, color Slate.

The next quilt is a Trip Around the World Quilt made by Stephanie.  I am also using Glide thread.

Here is a screen shot of the quilting pattern.

Hope your day included a little sewing therapy, too.

Yours in quilting,

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  1. I am so happy that you are doing something you love now that you've gotten rid of that pesky job that kept you away from it so much. You are so talented that it's nice to see you spread your wings to share your gifts with more people. Love you my friend.