Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Finishes - Sterling Quilt Guild

Good Morning Friday!  Its still drizzling outside and only about 42 degrees, but the good news for the farmers is the crop is coming up.  Yesterday as I was driving up to speak at Sterling, the corn rows were visible in the fields.  After this rain and the warm weather coming next week, the corn fields will be green in no time. 

I spent most of yesterday packing quilts and working on my speech for Sterling Quilt Guild.  What a warm welcome I received from the quilters.
I took Maribel with me as my assistant and quilt holder so she took a few pictures for me. 
Its amazing how much space it takes to load up your quilts:  two rolling suitcases, one 31 tote and two garbage bags.  At the last minute it started raining and I had to cover up several large quilts in garbage bags.  I will probably have to get another suitcase so it looks a little classier.
After I spoke then the group provided refreshments and show n' tell.

This top will be hand quilted.

These flannel quilts will donated to the guild's yearly auction in October.
The fabric had been donated to the guild.

Another flannel lap quilt.
Thanks, Helen for three quilts!
This is a wedding gift all hand quilted by the lady on the right.
Love those rich purple batiks.

With the extra blocks she made a wall hanging with the bride and groom's names and date embroidered in the center.  She had documented each quilt she has made. 

Looks like my blue heaven on this one.  Don't you just love it!

This is some more of the donate fabric the guild received made into a beautiful quilt with matching pillows.

An Ebay find that she plans to quilt and hang in her kitchen.
Thank you to Maribel, my assistant for making me appear animated!  I got such chuckle out seeing it this morning on my phone.  Its just goofy!
A big thank you to the Sterling Guild for your warm hospitality and your beautiful show n' tell.
Yours in Quilting,


  1. Good Job Ter!!! You rock!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the show & tell. They really do a good job.
    I can see the speaker does a lot of work... Then you have to put it back when you get home!