Monday, May 12, 2014

Design Wall

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and celebrated Mother's Day your way! 

Today I need to recuperate.  I have worked five days in a row at the mall.  Its mostly a holiday job.  The store just schedules me around special holidays to help out with extra business.  It was nice to work that many days in a row to get familiar with all the new items in the store since Christmas.  I get pretty excited when I (the old lady of the group) makes the sales or bag goals we are given.  This gives me a daily dose of socialization.  When I go down to my sewing studio and don't see or talk to anyone each day, it gets pretty lonely around here.

I had a little down-time when I would get home and here's what I accomplished. First, I sorted all the fabrics my dog groomer had given to me.  The dog groomer puts bandanna on each dog before they go home.  She handed down her left-over fabric scraps to me.  I pressed them and cut them to size to make pillowcases for charity.  I cut out 11 pairs of matching fabrics to make 11 pillowcases.
 I sewed two of the pillowcases.
Today the dogs are at the dog groomer having a spa day.  I took the above pillowcases to show the dog groomer and she decided she would like them to be donated to the Washington, IL Tornado victims.  What a  great team effort by the two of us!  From scraps to pillowcases.
 Then I found this Skinny Pin Cushion on the Internet.
The pin cushion is to lay in front of your sewing machine to stick your pins in as you take them out sewing a seam.  This is a quickie thing to make and you can use up leftover scraps.  I pulled four -
2 1/2" squares out of my 2 1/2" jar for the ends.  I chose to use muslin scraps as a liner inside.  I use Parakeet Gravel & Grit from Wal Mart for the filling.  The Parakeet Gravel & Grit comes in a box and fills approximately two to five pincushions, depending on their size.  I like the weight the sand filling provides.  Here's the link if you want to try one.  The only thing I would do differently would be to leave an opening in one of the short ends for the filling hole.  I filled mine from the center and had a little trouble getting enough sand in for the firmness I like. 
Today I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.
Yours in quilting,

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