Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tip - "The Rest of the Story"

Last week I wrote about the Lost Quilt finding a home.  This story was also shared on Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Snips & Quips.

First, I want to thank all of you who read the story, left kind comments and feedback on both blogs.
I am so touched that this story connected with so many people.  To the many quilters who signed up to follow me on my life and quilt journey, thank you. This story went viral after Bonnie Hunter posted it on her blog.

Many commenters wanted to know "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say.  So first I called Bernice, the quilt finder, to tell her how far this story had progressed and she was thrilled that so many enjoyed the mystery of finding the lost quilt's home.  I asked if she minded if I contacted the new owner to get more information.  Bernice said she didn't have a phone number only the name and address of where to ship it.  After writing down the information, I went to the internet and started to google for information.  It didn't take me long to find a phone number that I thought was correct.  Upon dialing, I was rewarded with talking with Kathy.  After introductions of who I was and telling her about the quilt story, she was happy to share her story.

As we learned earlier, Kathy confirmed that she was a beginning quilter back in 1994-95 and overwhelmed that she was asked to participate in the Round Robin Quilt.  At first she was unsure which border was hers.  After looking at her name on the label and the fourth border was a very simple border, that seemed like what she would have done back then. She doesn't remember if the label traveled with the quilt or not, but agreed that would make perfect sense. In knowing the other quilters and their level of experience at that time, she can see each of their borders now.

Kathy commented, " It all seemed so overwhelming to me at the time, and that's why my border is so simple. Not sure how I want to finish it, or when that will happen."

Kathy has remained a quilter over the years and like many of us has UFO's that are waiting to be finished.  She is a grandmother now and enjoys spending much of her time with her growing family.

Thank you to Kathy for sending me a picture to share with you and filling in the blanks in the story.
So the mystery is solved.  The quilt has a home and a very happy ending.
A reminder of last week's lessons or tips are:
1.  Label your quilts with as much identifying information as possible. 
a.  The above label helped me search the internet and get clues on how to reach someone who could help me find this quilt's next home.
b.  In Washington, IL tornado zone, they are finding quilts that aren't labeled and having trouble finding who they belong to.  Labels should give names, towns, etc. that would help clue people where to look for owners. 
c.  Labels also provide the history of the quilt and add value.  For example:  why it was made (t-shirt quilt, baby quilt, wedding quilt, etc.), the inspiration, the quiltmaker, the quilter, the town and states of those involved.
2.  Tell your family what you want done with your quilts when you pass away.  You may want to include a list in your will on how the quilts are to distributed.  If your family has enough quilts, maybe you could donate your quilts to an organization to be auctioned off for a good cause.
Most of us would not want our quilts ending up in a second hand store.
Its so  much fun that this story had a special ending due to the label being found with the quilt top.
Today I am linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River and Fabric Tuesday-A Quilt Story  Have a terrific Tuesday!!
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  1. Great tips, Terry! It is great that you found that quilt top a home!
    I would love to invite you to join my new linky party. On Wednesdays we share at the Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts. Hoping you will join in the fun!

  2. What a great story and great tips and reminders about labeling our hard work. Thanks!

  3. How wonderful that the quilt has a happy ending... back with one of the original makers!

  4. Like the old commercial about Libby's Fruit. Label, Label, Label. Glad to read the "Rest of the Story"!!! A happy ending for sure.

  5. Thanks for the update, Terry! It is good to have an ending to the story!

  6. Terry and Bernice, I think it was a really fantastic thing you did to find the rightful owner of this quilt. Warms the heart to hear of people taking the time to help others like this will no thought to reward. There are not enough good people like you in the world. Keep being beautiful people. Julie

  7. HI There:

    I am a Bonnie K. HUnter follower. She is amazing. True to her nature, she put this tale on her blog and asked for help.

    So good to know, one of the original quilters has the quilt top. I do so hope Kathy will find a way to finish it into a quilt. Quilt journeys are amazing to hear. Someone from Ludlow VT tracked an old quilt down to get the person's story. It was a tear jerker for sure. If you ever get a chance look thebook up ... Ludlow quilt should do it to find the title.

    GOOD NEWS...

  8. So pleased to hear the rest of the story...happy quilting

  9. Great story, and good advice about labelling.

  10. Glad the story had a happy ending! I treasure a quilt I quilted from a 1987 block exchange with my friendship circle. I nap under it all the time. I do understand Kathy's not knowing when she will finish it. I still have another "Honey Bee" quilt top from that same group that needs to be quilted!

  11. Did you talk to the #1 lady's daughter Connie to see what she knows about the quilt?

  12. I'm so glad this quilt top has found its way home. I hope we can completely tie up the story someday with a finished quilt with that label on the back.

    Thanks for the great story.

  13. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. I always make labels and will now bew sure my name is written somewhere on the quilt itself.

  14. I hope Kathy will add a second quilt label telling the lost/found story....so that part of the quilt's history doesn't get lost! What a tale!

  15. Happy ending to a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  16. Happy ending to a great story. Thanks for sharing

  17. Did she ever say how it ended up in a second hand store? We as quilters need to rescue quilts we find in strange locations and take care of them for the future quilters to see.