Monday, February 3, 2014

Design Wall -Custom Quilting and Feb BOM 2014 chilly out this morning. Its at least -4 this morning suppose to be a high of 16 degrees. Tomorrow we are expecting more snow, hopefully no more than 4 inches. We already have over a foot of snow on the ground after getting 6 inches on Saturday. My husband and son were out first thing Saturday morning shoveling and then a snow plow came pushed the rest out of the way.

Friday morning I went grocery shopping and planned a menu for two weeks. My friends who went grocery shopping after work found the grocery stores cleaned out. We usually eat out on the weekends but we stayed pretty close to home and I cooked. Saturday night everyone was home and we played dominoes.  We had some help.  Rascal, the Yorkie, would hop from lap to lap to help. 
 Then he would get warm and nap. 
 Then back at it helping the next person.  So glad he can't talk.....

This weekend I have been working on a queen size quilt that was a Block of the Month at Quilter's Garden  a few years back. This is a customer's quilt. This is one of the few that I am custom quilting. It has blocks of appliqued flowers, 12” pieced blocks, and pieced borders.

I have my 10" block completed for January 2014 Country Threads BOM.
Having a little trouble with my 20" block as I cut some fabric wrong and don't have 8 1/2" blocks left for the corners.  I am going to have to make-do by piecing where the 8 1/2" blocks were suppose to go.  I may have to put four patches in or ....(stay tuned) for what the finished block looks like.
Below is the link for the February block.  Will be pulling fabrics for these blocks out of my stash this week.
My January blocks are done for the Quilt Doodle Designs BOM.  The Cozy Cabin block came out for Feb.  I will need to pick out fabric for this also.  Only one block for this BOM for Feb.  The link is below.

I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times. 

Yours in quilting,

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  1. Looks like Rascal had fun playing games too! I think maybe he was just looking for some more cinnamon rolls. The quilting really looks great Terry. And love your block of the month choices! They are looking really good too. You go girl! Have a great week. We are suppose to get more snow too! Oh well, its keeping me in and working on sewing projects too! Have a great week of sewing that is!