Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Take a Break from your Stress

I know we are all busy decorating, shopping, and preparing for Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanza, etc.
Most of us are so busy taking care of arrangements, baking, parties, shopping, etc. that we rarely take time for ourselves.  To help manage your stress, I recommend you take a few minutes for yourself each day.  Just a 15 minute break just for you! 
1.  For example, one morning I took 15 minutes to give myself a simple pedicure. 
2.  Another day, I stopped quilting for others and took a 15 minute break to sew a few quilt pieces together.  Piecing is my favorite stress reliever.
3.  Another time, I took a break and cut a few pieces for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt, Alletaire!
Each one of you are very important and I want you to take time to pamper yourself a little.  I hope this will relieve some of your stress and put a smile back on your face.
I found this picture on Facebook.  It shows the different types of Singer bobbins.  If you are interested in vintage machines, this might be of some help. 
Have a terrific Tuesday!
Yours in quilting,

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