Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Finishes

A couple of weeks ago had a few sew days with my "quilty" friends from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin.  Betty J. couldn't be with us but she sent 4 charity quilts.
Below is my favorite of the four.  It is a cheater panel that looks like blue work.
Its adorable! 
Below, is my little pony and Betty has made several of these.
There are some very lucky children who will get these wonderful quilts. 
Kathy D. and Barb O. are patiently waiting for the distribution of the
mystery project parts, below. 
Below, is my mystery project.  I made to tablerunners,
one large and one small.  I chose my border fabric and will
add it later. 
Below, is Barb O. finished top.
Isn't is unique! 
While we were sewing up a storm,
we had our first snow storm outside.
About 6 inches fell overnight.     
    Everyone posing for a selfie with me.
Kathy C. was working on these make-up bags for Christmas.
This is the Quilt of Valor that I was working on. 
Wanda S. was working on this baby quilt. 
Carol O. was working in this Little Red Button quilt. 
Carol O was also working on Row by Row blocks. 
Tammy has been working on this wedding quilt at the
last two sewing days. 
Tammy used Pimga pens to transfer information about the wedding,
guest's wishes, and on the back the wedding vows written by
husband and wife.   
Mary was working on this Quilt of Valor for her husband. 
Susie was very busy back in her corner. 
Have a great weekend and hope you have a productive weekend.   
Yours in quilting,

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