Thursday, December 3, 2015

Today is Thursday

There were some comments left about the picture yesterday of Tucker, my 8 month old Yorkie.  Here is a short video of him with Indy, 4 year Australian Shepherd.
Above Tucker is tucked in by Harry.  I know the quality of the picture is not great, but Tucker is laying by Harry's elbow chewing on a bone.  Tucker does not have the heavy under coat the Aussie's have so he snuggles up to play with them and keep warm 
Yesterday I spent the day with my husband. (The picture is from a recent wedding we attended on October 31st. ) It was one of the few days he has off work until the end of January.  Most of his days off will be spent resting or sleeping.  We were able to return some purchases at the mall and buy a few gifts.  Just spending the day together is precious.  After the shopping was done, we stopped off for a late lunch at Arthur's Garden Deli and then headed home. 
There was no quilting happening at our house on Wednesday but today I am back in the studio trying to make a dent in projects.  Hope you are making progress on your on projects.
Yours in quilting,

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