Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Tip

Last week I talked on my Tuesday Tip HERE about Libby Smith's tip about using scrapbooker's glue dots to create a fabric key for easy identification.  I was in Las Vegas and couldn't take pictures to help explain so I am going to repeat this with pictures. Below is a picture of the glue dot dispensers that are available at Wal Mart, JoAnn's, or Hobby Lobby, etc.
Below is the fabric key we created in class to help us keep straight which fabric to cut and where it was to be placed in the sewing order. Use the glue dots to hold a small piece of the fabric on paper to create a fabric chart or key.
Even if you don't have a printed pattern sheet to create your fabric key, use an index card to create your own.
I have to admit I am not getting as much done as I would like.  It is too much fun watching the dogs play with our new puppy, Tucker.
Harry is so tolerant of little Tucker.

Here is triple trouble, two full size Aussies (about 63 lbs each)playing with a 1 lb 11 oz Yorkie.
Where's Tucker hiding in all that fur?  The rule for the Aussies is they have to lay down to play with Tucker so they don't step on him.  Its a great way to wear the little guy out.  Tucker plays hard and then sleeps soundly.
Well its time to get moving.  Tonight I am giving my lecture "Charting my Journey" and trunk show at the Fulton Quilt Guild in Fulton, IL at 7pm.  Very excited to meet these ladies.  I have unpacked from LasVegas and will fill the suitcases with quilts today.
Today I am linking up with Connie from Freemotion by the River
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  1. Oh the dogs are precious! Maybe there is fabric, but dogs always draw my attention to them.

  2. Hi Terry, visiting from Freemotion by the River. Adorable little Tucker! Good tip on how to keep your fabrics straight.