Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesday Tip

So, how many of you have learned things the hard way?  If you are waving your hand and saying "ME", you are not alone. 

Yesterday, Handi Quilter had planned to roll out a new update for the Pro Stitcher which includes Skew 2 and about 1000 new quilting patterns.  So I, who had procrastinated loading the previous updates, started updating my Pro Stitcher on Sunday.  I needed to download three previous updates to be ready for the June 1 update.  The first update went smoothly but there is a glitch in the second update.  Grrrr.....

The good news is the longarm still works.  The bad news is the computer tech guy had a death in the family and can't help me until Wednesday.  The change to the new Pro Stitcher is a huge change so there is a learning curve for me.  I have been watching YouTube videos on the new changes and how to use the machine. 

In the meantime, the June 1st update has been postponed until June 15th.  They have found a glitch and would rather not roll it out until they fix the issue.  This delay took some of the pressure of me.  I have two weeks to get caught up.

My tip for this Tuesday is "don't procrastinate" updating.  It just snowballs on you and then there is too much to learn at once and you feel overwhelmed.

Tucker has made himself to home.  He is getting to meet and play with each member of our family.  This is Indy and Tucker.
Friday and yesterday I talked about Libby Smith's visit.  Here are my fabric choices for the Star Table Topper.
Today I am linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River.
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