Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Finishes

A couple of weeks ago we attended a beautiful wedding of my friend from my job at Bath & Body Works.  I made her a table topper and found a pretty glass vase to match.
The quilting pattern is Frisky Feathers.  It is quilted with gray Signature thread. 
The same weekend I attended the wedding I took the Star Table Runner class from Libby Smith.  The pattern is out of the book Not Your Grandma's Log Cabin (which should be back in print by C & T Publishing in September). The blue topper is Kathy Olson's.
Love the batiks both of these are made from.
The red star is made by Maribel Kern. 
Thanks for sharing your pictures, ladies.
So here are the latest pictures of Tucker.  Now you know why he has this name.  He is little and you can tuck him in your robe. 
Harry is a great entertainer and babysitter.
Trying to show how small he is.  He weighs 2 lbs.
Look who fell asleep while I was writing this blog.
My goal this is weekend is to finish this quilt top.
Headed to Susan's Calico Creations in Fulton for a sew day.
Have a great weekend.  We have a break in the rainy weather here.  It is a cool 59 degrees and sunny this morning.  Last night I got the horse barn cleaned out and mowed the lawn so my chores are done and I can head out for Fulton.
Yours in quilting,


  1. Thrilled to see the finished table toppers! Thanks for sharing the photos. Have a good day in Fulton!

  2. What a sweet table topper and I love that vibrant blue vase. Your pup is the cutest! A friend of mine had a dog that small and I always threatened to put her in my sweatshirt pocket and take her home.

  3. Beautiful table toppers. Love the one with the vase. Funny little dog.

  4. Your table topper is just beautiful and the vase is the perfect compliment to it!

    Your pups are adorable! Tucker looks like a very sweet boy and Harry is just beautiful! :)

  5. I love the table topper. I looks beautiful n you oak table with the blue vase. Tucker is so tiny and cute!