Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday

How's your day going?  I got up with my hubby this morning and fixed breakfast.  Let me tell you my body was saying, "Whoa, No!"  I pulled a late night with friends getting home at midnight and finally turning out the lights at 12:30.  My friends and I attended the local Community Partners Against Substance Abuse (CPASA) meeting last night for Bureau and Putnam Counties.  I was able to
participate in a discussion about substance abuse and related issues among youth and young adults.
 about drug abuse in our county.  I stood up and spoke about hope.  After working 34 years for the Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services I know there is hope for those in recovery.  My job involved helping people with disabilities return to work.  Secondly, I thanked the police, sheriff, first responders, medical staff and counselors for the difficult jobs they do each day.  We are quick with criticism but we need to be thankful for the lives they are helping and changing.  Third, please communicate with your neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc.  Drug dealers are out our back doors and in everyone's community.  Keep your eyes open and communicate so we make progress in beating this problem. 

This meeting was an eye opening experience.  I want to try to fit in next week's program about what drugs look like today.  Let's just say they're hidden in plain sight.  We all need to educate ourselves.  Ok, off my soap box....

After the hubby left for work I vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, showered, carried the laundry down, let the dogs out, made an appointment and now headed the basement.  Someone is blocking the entrance to the basement, taking a nap on the laundry.  Skye pup is snuggled in for her morning nap while I do chores.
I am headed down to finish custom quilting this doll quilt.  This is one of my entries for our local quilt show. 
After this quilt, I have three more to get quilted by March 19th.  Say a little prayer for me that I can accomplish my goal of finishing all seven (7) quilts. 
Today I am linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.
Yours in quilting,

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