Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Finishes - Quilts, Bindings and Labels

Friday the 13th!  Are you superstitious, I'm not but I know it really bothers some.  This morning started off with the hubby leaving for work and then an ambulance came racing down the street.  Two of the dogs were out in the yard as the ambulance went by and they started to howl.   The siren must really hurt their ears.  I don't know what was going on but the ambulance stopped a block away.  Hope it wasn't too serious.

I headed to the basement to make progress on my quilts today.  The local guild, the Covered Bridge Quilt Guild is hold their bi-annual quilt show next weekend March 21 & 22 at the Bureau County Fairgrounds.  The hours will be 9am to 5pm Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday.
This pattern is Pink Patches Doll Quilt by Kathleen Tracy in her book The Civil War Sewing Circle.
It is all custom quilted. 
The quilt below is called the Framed Ladies Wreath.  I purchased this kit on the I-80 Shop Hop quite a few years back.  In the shop, this quilt was framed in a beautiful antique-looking frame. Whether or not I will frame it is yet to be seen.  So this UFO is almost finished.  I will be sewing down the binding and adding the label on the back.  
Today I made the two bindings on the above quilts, the two bindings shown below and seven labels framed in fabrics to match their designated quilts.  I had to laugh at myself today.  In my flurry of trying to finish many projects today,  I made a binding that didn't match the quilt it was intended for. So maybe, haste makes waste?  So that unused binding will end up in my 2 1/2" strip drawer. 
You can see my tutorial on making labels HERE.
Hope you are enjoying great Spring weather this weekend.  It was 65 degrees and sunny here.  The dogs enjoyed laying out on the deck.  I opened up the house to air things out.
Yours in quilting,


  1. Oh don't ya just love the start of Spring when ya get to open the windows and air out the house! My husband even set up the patio furniture once again....then it rained...LOL!! It did clear up soon enough to eat dinner on the patio though....You samplers are sure to warm any little corner they find their way the Civil War colors for sure!

  2. Our warm weather didn't last long. Mother Nature reared her ugly head yesterday with freezing rain, heavy sleet and then topped it off with three inches of snow. She promises to rain today to melt the snow. I am happy this weather held off for our quilt show this weekend and we had a great turn out. Thanks for your comments, Valerie.