Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Finishes

What a great evening at guild last night.  My friend, Kate Hall, gave her "I want to be an Artist" speech.  Kate and I met many moons ago at my husband's class reunion.  As you might guess my husband and Kate went to high school together.  So Kate and I started talking and learned that we both liked quilting.  We swapped email addresses and stayed in touch from time to time.  It was exciting when about four years ago Kate and her husband moved back to Princeton along with joining the Covered Bridge Quilt Guild.  She is currently Co-President and helping to guide us all towards a successful quilt show on March 21 and 22 at the Bureau County Fairgrounds.

Kate took us on her quilting journey through her family's many moves, health issues, and design decisions.  (Remember quilters don't make mistakes, we make design decisions!)
Have you ever borrowed a gifted quilt back?  Kate brought this quilt back from Arizona.  It is her brother's quilt and will be shown in our show later this month.  Love those rainbow colors. 
Kate has a soft spot for African fabrics.  She trades fabrics with her good friend, Patsy. 
Kate taught a quilting class with the Girl Scouts and look at these funky houses.  Kate put out a challenge to our group to make her house blocks to add to the finish of this quilt.  She gave guild members a timeline of one and a half years to complete the challenge which is the length of her Co-President term.  My brain is spinning with ideas!
Thank you, Kate, for sharing your quilting journey.  I am happy to call you my friend and fellow quilter.
Here's a little show and tell.  This quilt belongs to Sandy G.  It was a round robin quilt  with 7 participants.  Sandy love oriental fabrics.
Above is Maribel's Patchwork of the Crosses  new block.  You can see more blocks HERE.
Here is my Friday Finish.  This quilt is called Framed Ladies Wreath.  It is only 18" x 24".

I am currently working on quilting Pink Patches Doll Quilt, pattern by Kathleen Tracy in her Sewing Circles book.  I had a glitch in my longarm computer this week which delayed the finish of this quilt.  I am thankful for help from Elaine Gilmore, Handi Quilter Educator, and I am back to quilting.
Have a wonderful weekend.  I am looking forward to some warmer temperatures but not the mud in the backyard as the snow melts.
Yours in quilting,

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  1. Love your Framed Ladies Wreath! It's beautiful. I really think traditional blocks make the nicest quilts. Congratulations on your finish!