Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Tips - Shopping Prep & Organizing Basket Pattern

(Kathy O, Maribel, Cathy K and myself)
I am preparing to attend the International Quilt Show in Chicago on Saturday.  I am attending with my quilting peeps, Kathy O, Maribel K, and Cathy K.  We are so jazzed up about seeing what the new trends will be this year.  We are also planning at going to Paducah this year.  Kathy O and Maribel are new to Paducah.  I always think it is so exciting to see Paducah through a newbie's eyes!

Maribel has asked me for some advice on how to prepare.  I thought this would be good information to share.  This is just MY opinion on how to prepare for the overwhelming experience of walking into the convention center at Paducah and loosing sight of your budget instantly.  Believe me....temptation will greet you at the door!

I keep a running "Wish List" on a little note pad by my sewing machine all the time.  That way when I go shopping to the local quilt shop, JoAnn's, shop hop or Paducah, I always know what I NEED.  On that list should be two kinds of lists:  NEEDS and WANTS.  That is why I call it a Wish List.  Needs will be things like sewing machine needles, thread to match a project, new rotary blades, etc.  If you need to match fabric, make sure you tape a scrap of fabric to your list for matching.  These are items you absolutely need to finish a project.  The other side of the list is WANTS.  This side consists of things you have seen in magazines, on the internet, suggestions by quilting peeps, new fabric lines or books coming out that you need to check out. 

I am going to share my current list so you get a feel for what I am explaining above.
  1. Handi Quilter 18 needles
  2. Handi Quilter Bobbins
  3. Grandma's Recipe Spot Remover in spray bottle
  4. Soft Fuse 18" x 3 yds $20
  5. EQ Printable Premium Cotton Satin fabric sheets
  6. Threads for longarm
  1. Smart Needle Essentials Sew Caddy-Ladybug $12.99
  2. A Pattern to make Selvages Quilt
  3. Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt
  4. Riley Blake Fabric for Farm Girl book
  5. Civil War Remembered book by Country Threads
Notice that I also listed prices on several items.  This is so I know if I am getting a good price on the item.  If I buy at the show instead of on the internet then I won't be paying for shipping.

My friends and I have talked about our budgets and will help hold each other accountable.  I have even offered to hold their credit cards for them, if necessary! 

While on Linked In yesterday morning, I found this cute basket pattern and wanted share it with you.  What a cute way to use up scrap fabric, batting, and interfacing.  All of us need additional storage.  You could adjust the pattern to make them smaller or larger to fit your needs.  I think little tabs on the ends would be cute embellishment.

I would love to hear how you plan to shop when attending shop hops or quilt shows.  If you can't leave a comment you can email me at quiltcrazie@msn.com.

Today I have linked up with Connie at Freemotion by the River and Fabric Tuesday by A Quilt Story.

Yours in quilting,


  1. A set buget is ALWAYS a good plan!! And yes, a wish and need list is very smart too!

  2. Great tips and good luck holding to them! Hope to see you in Paducah.

    1. Oh that would be sweet to finally meet face to face! I will be coming down on a bus trip with our guild.

  3. Lucky you! Whenever I go to a quilt show, I try not to buy anything until I've seen everything. Then I can decide what I really want and go back to get it. Otherwise I run out of cash in the first aisle! Have a great time in Paducah!