Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vintage Thingie Thursday

A while back I had an adventure with my friend, Barb.  We went to a home that was filled with treadle machines and a few feather weights.  Oh my, oh my, where do we begin!
This was their reading lamp.  This was super cute.
Every where we turned there were more machines.
This is a Wheeling & Wilson.
So I came home with a Feather Weight table.
Grandma Esther's feather weight now has its own table!  Its so cool!
I will be going back as I left my name on a beautiful oak treadle machine.
I had to leave before I was tempted to buy more.  I don't have endless room to store these things.
Have a great Thursday!
Yours in quilting,

1 comment:

  1. Lovely "new" machine. Those old machines work better than the new ones, I know. I recently bought a new machine and took it back to the store.
    Enjoy the sew!