Monday, August 25, 2014

Its Monday!

It was a busy weekend here.  It was fair week here and we usually go to the fair on Wednesday with our friends for our annual "oil change".  In other words, one night a year we eat all the fried food at the fair along with a lemon shake-up.
This year because of my new job, we weren't able to join our friend for this annual event.  I had to work each day so Saturday night Rod offered to take me to the fair for our "oil change".
We each had a corn dog and shared a large lemon shake-up.  Rod bought his annual box of Malone's State Fair taffy.  We walked through the barns, especially the hog barn, so Rod could talk to the pigs.
You can't take the farm out of the boy.  We headed home with all that heavy food in our tummies.
I just had to laugh, we were in bed asleep by 9pm.  We both had worked so hard this week at our jobs that we were all in, all done.
I haven't really come out and talked about it but its probably time to fill you in.  I am working full time at Bath and Body Works in the Peru Mall.  I started there last fall as a holiday worker just to get a little socialization.  Quilting in the basement was getting lonely.  Then they kept me on after the holiday but I only worked a few hours here and there.  About a month ago, we had 6 people leave and I was asked to step up to a sales lead position for the fall and Christmas seasons.  We also had one person  who had her baby a week ago.  We have been working with a skeleton crew and are slowly getting positions filled.  We have a new manager on board completing her training.
Yesterday we had our annual inventory.  It is so much work getting prepared for the inventory crew to come in.  I am happy to say all the hard work paid off and the inventory went smoothly yesterday.  I left at 7pm last night and they were about 2/3 done already. 
I am continuing to work on quilts at home and working full time at BBW.  We are hoping to do some remodeling on our home this fall and the extra money will help pay for some of the new items for the house.  We met with a contractor Saturday morning at 7am to try to finish the planning for the remodel.  Next we will have to live through having the house torn up.
Have a great Monday!  I am off to work to open the store.  I am ready for a sewing day with friends.
Yours in quilting,

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  1. It helps to have a goal in mind. Good luck with your remodel!