Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Finishes - 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is started!

Woo Boy, this has been quite a week.  I have been little quiet in the blogging area.  I have been busy at finishing my Sales Lead Team training at my mall job.  For the next five months I will a SLT, or similar to an assistant to the managers.  I am happy to say I have completed 50 hours of training.  Next the on-the-job training that comes along with doing all the daily activities.  So that is finish #1.
Finish #2 is Kansas Troubles quilt.
I used Magnifico thread for the quilting and the quilting pattern is falling leaves b2b.
#3 is cool winter scene and I used Off White Magnifico thread and snowflake e2e.

Finish #4 is this beautiful teal, brown and cream butterfly quilt.
I used Coffee Glide thread and the flutterby pattern by Handi Quilter.  This one I delivered in person as my friend, Stephanie, had her right knee replaced last week.  I sewed the binding on at her house and she is finishing the hand work on the binding while recuperating.
Last, but not the least, #5 the biggest quilt of the week is still on the machine.
I am quilting waves over all these very cool swim trunks or boxers.
I will share with you that I am not super woman and my body is paying the price for all the hours I have put in day and night for the last two weeks.  This morning I arrived at the vet with our horse at 8 a.m. 35 miles away and then took him back to the pasture as well as cleaned the barn.  This afternoon, Rascal, my Yorkie and I curled up for a long nap.  I went into work at the mall at 6:30pm.
Hopefully, I will get a good night's rest tonight and will feel a little more human tomorrow.
Yours in quilting,


  1. Great snowflakes on the Christmas/winter quilt! And I love those boxer/swimshorts - very cool!

  2. You are a crazy woman! I don't do that much, and I'm retired. REST is an allowed use of your time.
    You did finish 5 beautiful quilts!