Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Design Wall

Hope everyone is doing ok this morning.  We had a pretty loud storm about 2:30am which dumped 1 3/4" of rain.  Plus, Saturday night we had a smaller storm that left behind 1/4" of rain.  The ground is saturated.  I am so glad we have a basement system or I would be really worried about flooding in our basement.  Out my front window there is a good size limb laying beside the street out of our big maple tree due to wind.
It was a busy weekend around here.  I worked Saturday and Sunday at my mall job.  While I was home I was working on this lovely Carpenter Star quilt made from embossed fabric.
I walked over to my north flower bed and my dark red lilies are blooming.
Next my pink lilies will bloom.
Here's my little flag pillow.
I finished it Saturday night with a scrappy back and a collection of buttons. 
Ready for the 4th of July!
One more flower picture, our clematis is blooming happy.
I am headed down to my studio to try and finish the Carpenter Star quilt before the next thunder storm arrives. 
Happy Monday and today I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times.
Yours in quilting,


  1. A beauty on the quilter - and the quilting in very pretty, too.
    Sounds like you were part of the weatherman's red zone. You sure have been getting the storms this year. Nice to have the rain - could you redirect some to us in CA? We need it badly. Love your flowers.

  2. Just had to let ya know how much I love your little flag pillow. Also thanks for the peek at your quilt on the frame...

  3. I am jealous of your beautiful flowers. But very happy for you! I keep trying on my flowers. And thank you, I didn't know what one of my bulb plants was. Lilies! They sure are gorgeous. The Carpenter Star is amazing...and embossed fabric--cool!