Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Finishes

I am back in business with my computer.  The wonderful tech, David, at BC Tech has my computer all tuned up.  You ask, " How did you know you had been hacked?"  I got a warning message from my Microsoft Essentials that a website may have problem to back out of it.  I did that right away.  Microsoft Essentials notified me that I had possibly been hacked and to change my passwords and to run my Malware software and a total scan of my computer.  I completed all these steps and though I was doing well.  I then received a call from someone who said they were from Microsoft and wanted me to turn on my computer.  I said, "no, thank you" and hung up on them.  Next I called BC Tech and asked for help to be my computer was clean and healthy.
I purchased this computer from a local business instead of a big box store.  It was important to me to be able to just run up town to get it fixed and not have to drive an hour to a big box store.  I received next day service and I was treated very courteously.  Thank you BC Tech!!!
Now on to Friday Finishes.  I finished my design wall from Styrofoam insulation.  You can see the steps on how to make one HERE.
I complete the quilting on this antique quilt.  The blocks are antique, the border is new.
The owner of the quilt could tell me stories of what the fabrics were used in previously.
She remembered that one of the fabrics, her grandmother has used to line a basket for her babydoll's bed.
I think the lavender part of the star is a feedsack. 
Oh, don't you wish quilts could talk and tell us their story?
Here's a little tip taught to me by my mentor.  If you are working on quilting a quilt and you find a frayed or open seam, you can use Fabric Tac to glue the damaged area.  It dries clear.
I went to Peoria on Wednesday night and heard Doug Leko, the 20 year old quilt phenom, talk.
His pattern company is call Antler Quilt Designs and he is now a Bernina Ambassador.  Today (Fri) he is teaching in Peoria.  He will be a Bernina Educator at Pine Needles Quilt Shop in Cedar Rapids, IA.  He made me chuckle during his speech stated, " when I turned 16 instead of buying a car, I bought a Bernina."  I liked his designs and the patterns seemed to be well written. 
Yours in quilting,


  1. Gorgeous antique quilt! I am with you Terry I wish they could talk. I have been having computer problems also and temporarily lost all my files. Think something untoward happened to me also. I'm up and running now! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the tip about Fabric Tac! I just finished "securing" seams on an important quilt I made. One of LQS quality fabrics frayed so much I ended up putting Fray Check on them. I am eager to try the Fabric Tac; I am not eager to have another quilt that needs it!