Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Design Wall

Oh my! Where to start.  I have been off the technology grid for two weeks.  This is one crazy busy summer but I wouldn't have it any other way.

First, while I was gone, the first week I was busy Spring housecleaning and working many hours(which is very unusual) at my part-time mall job.  We are having a semi-annual sale and therefore more hours due to the increased business.  As for the Spring cleaning, I was trying to whip the house in shape in about three days.  I was the host of the PALS group (Peoria Area Longarm Support group) on Friday, June 13th.   Yikes, I worked day and night when I was home at cleaning, organizing and re-arranging about the whole house.  Don't want anyone coming through with their white glove, now do we?  This also meant the sewing studio had to be done.

The host of the PALS meeting also plans lunch at an area restaurant.  The girls were coming from an hour to an hour and a half away.  Some arrived early to visit Princeton's businesses, like Hornbaker Gardens known for their hostas and beautiful garden landscaping, and Quilter's Garden Quilt Shop.
We enjoyed lunch at Myrtle's Café & Pies.  Then the sixteen (16) ladies came to my home to see my sewing studio.  I had two charity quilts loaded on my longarms, Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and Handi Quilter Avante.  We talked about how we load quilts, how we baste or if we baste quilt tops once loaded.  Many of the ladies brought quilt tops and we puddled thread on the tops discussing what thread color to use when quilting.  They have show and tell as well as helping each other with any issues we are facing with customers or difficult quilts.

After leaving my home, we travelled about 15 minutes to Cousin's Quilting in La Moille, IL.  Doug and Lou Tuntland opened their shop to us for shopping.  Doug and Lou are dealers for Nolting Longarms, Legacy batting and many brands of threads.  Again the quilt tops were layed out for puddling thread and choosing colors.  It is so nice to be able to view the thread in person and not have to depend on thread cards.  The thread looks different when layed out on the actual quilt top compared to just looking at it on the spool.  Buying thread in person also alleviates the cost of shipping.  All in all it was a very successful day, with the largest turn out to date.  Thank to all the PALS gals that made the trip to Princeton and La Moille.  I collapsed when I got back home.  :)
On the downside of last week, my son and girlfriend of almost two years broke up.  He is in the process of buying a home and thought things were going along well.  So now, we are dealing with his disappointment and broken heart.  He has been keeping himself busy with plans for the house, spending more time with us, and being the DJ at weddings.  It is so hard to watch your children suffer. 
Last week, I worked at my mall job almost every day.  I have been retired for two years, so all this working certainly getting back in shape.  I did get Thursday off to go to the International Quilt Show in Chicago.  Our guild took a bus trip to the show and it was lovely to sit back, visit with friends and enjoy the day.
At the quilt show, my friend Maribel bought each of us an American Flag to make the pillow pictured below.  The flags are available from Country Threads in Garner, Ia.  This is a picture of the pillow in their booth.
So below is my version.  First, I auditioned creamy colored fabrics for the background.  When I found that the print didn't show through the flag, I chose it.
Next, I dug into my stash of triangles for making HST. 
Next I spray basted the quilt top to a piece of batting and just stitched in the ditch. 
That's as far as I got last night.  I will work on putting a back on and stuffing the pillow.  Hopefully, I can get it done for Friday Finishes.  This is the first piecing I have done in about month.  It was good to sit and sew again.
Join me again tomorrow.  I will be sharing what I bought at the Chicago Quilt Show.
Today I have linked up with Judy at Patchwork Times.
Yours in quilting,


  1. My daughter was engaged a few years ago and caught her man cheating and they broke up. He later on went on to get into trouble with the law --was arrested the month of their planned wedding. What an absolute blessing that he broke her heart when he did. She has found a new great guy too. I hope your son's heart heals quickly and he finds the woman of his dreams and won't even remember whatshername, but it is hard going through it to the other side. HUGS to you and him!

  2. Love it!!! It will be fantastic when you get it done!

  3. You forgot to mention you new pin cushion you got for hosting us PALS ladies. Sure hope you like it. The flag looks great. Wish I had time to do mine. Thanks Maribel! And enjoyed the show too! Hugs to Aaron. Maybe God has better plans for him. Have fun at work tomorrow