Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Tips

I was playing around with what to write about and I came upon the first article on Bonnie Hunter's Facebook page, Quiltville Open Studio.  I think the article shares some really good information about the expenses involved in making quilts.


I have trouble charging people for quilting, quiltmaking, teaching, and other costs.  We need to continue to educate the public on the costs of our trade.

This is a follow-up article to Quiltonomics and shares additional information worth the read.


I have been sick with a virus for about a week and a half.  This morning I had to vote for our local election for Mayor, City Council and educational committee boards.  Then I headed over to the horse barn to meet the farrier.  Hoot, my husband's horse, was a good boy while getting his feet trimmed and the shoes reset.  While holding Hoot for the farrier, I scratched his neck and head.  No doubt that Spring is here as he is shedding by the hand-fulls of hair.  I am thankful that our son could help with chores while I was sick.  This is the most have been out except to get our taxes done yesterday.

Here's a view from the couch, my two nurses-Indy and Harry, standing guard.  Funny, how the dogs know when you are not feeling well.
Have a terrific Tuesday.
Yours in quilting,


  1. My cats always comforted me when I was sick -- better than a hot-water bottle!

  2. Hi Terry,
    I know you haven't been feeling well, but after hearing about the tornado in Illinios I'm a little concerned. Post something so we all know you're okay : )