Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Finishes

Its been a quiet week around home compared to the last two weeks of quilts shows and preparations.  This week's goal was to complete the quilting on two quilts that have deadlines.  The first is a blue beauty.  This is a Hunter's Star quilt.  It will be a gift at a bridal shower during the Easter weekend.
The quilting pattern is drop of paisley and the thread is Omini Slate Blue. 
I love wide back fabrics.  Look how pretty the pattern shows on the backing. 
Next was the modern pink and black quilt. 
This quilt will be traveling to California soon. 
The quilting design is Frisky Feathers on Intelligent Quilter.  The thread is hot pink by YLI. 
The next quilt will be a sister quilt to this one.  The next one is red and black.
I burnt the candle at both ends and got run down.  So all week I have had a sore throat, achy body, and congestion.  Been living on Advil Cold & Sinus but I was running out of cough/throat drops.  Made a run to the grocery store for more green chai tea, cough drops and of course a quilting magazine. 
My husband has been working extremely long hours, as well as an hour commute to and from work.  It cheered both of us up to see the picture of him on Facebook.  While he was a route driver he made wonderful friends and he misses serving the public.  One of his customers posted this picture of him the last day he delivered to her.  He now is a warehouseman instead of route driver.  I am so blessed to live with the happy guy.  
May you all have a blessed Easter.
Yours in quilting,

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  1. Beautiful blues and love the quilting, lucky person!