Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Finishes

Quilters are wonderful people!  I have been offline trying to finish a quilt for a customer along with being sick with the respiratory virus that is going around.  Today I finally check email and find one of my blog followers asking if I am ok and survived the storms that went through Illinois last night.  I am so touched that you worried about us.  Yes, my family and friends are ok.  We are about an hour southwest of Rochelle, IL that was hit by the storms.  I do look at the stories on TV very differently since working in the tornado area in Washington in November 2013.  It is very hard to grasp the devastation of a tornado until you have walked through the damaged area.

The good news is I have finished all the quilts that had time deadlines.  The last quilt went home last night.
I finished the last two rows on this red, black and white beauty before the storms rolled in.
I quilted it with bright red Omni thread and the pattern was Frisky Feathers by Intelligent Quilter. 
This quilt will be going to California next week to its new home.
Today I loaded up the car and headed out to my church where we hold a quilt retreat twice a year.
It so good to see everyone after our long winter.  Lots of catching up to do and talk of the trip to Paducah coming up soon.  The other thing I like about retreats is the food.  There's not a bad cook in the bunch.
Our church's Family Life Center has carpeted walls, so every wall is a design wall.  By the end of the weekend we will fill the walls with our projects.  Tune in here Monday and I will post the pictures.
Have a great weekend and thanks again for worrying about us in Illinois.  We are ok but please pray for the folks around the Rochelle area that were effected by the storms.
Yours in quilting,


  1. So glad you are okay. I thought of you right away because of the quilt donations after the Washington tornado. I kew you were in Illinios but not the exact area. That black, red and white quilts is beautiful.

  2. I, too, was worried about you. Glad to hear you are OK. When will you be in Paducah? I'll be there Tuesday-Thursday. Contact me offline and I'll give you my cell #.

  3. Love that black, white and read quilt! :)

  4. Gorgeous quilt! The colour scheme is lovely.Enjoy the retreat!