Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Tips

I hope your day started off better than mine.  It was not an awful, terrible thing that happened but it something my husband and I have suggested to our son over and over could happen.  (How do we know this information, because we have had it happen to us.)
This is how it started....I was sleeping peacefully and didn't get up with my husband which is unusual.  My cell phone beeped with a text message which startled me awake and I tried to read the message but it was too bright for my eyes.  I had to wait for them to adjust.  The text message says "The spare key is at home.  Can Mom please try to arrange something to get the tires looked at and the one fixed please."  Then the phone beeps again, "Dad, set out that portable tank out and I will fill it.  Hopefully, that will let me or Mom make it to the shop."
So I roll out of bed and pad downstairs to see if my husband has left for the day.  Luckily he was at home and my son was gone to work but texting from work.  Our son had laid in bed too long and when he made it out to his cute sports car, the driver's side rear tire was almost flat.  But no time to fix it so he grabbed my keys and took my car to work instead of the truck.  Grrr.....
Luckily, my son's friend brought over an air tank to pump up the tire, followed me to the tire shop and brought me back home.  The tire shop will check over all his tires and get him safely back on the road later today.  Since he took my vehicle, he also took my packages to work.  My friend, Corry stopped by and I could not give her the fabric I bought for her.  So Aaron will be delivering the fabric to her later. 

Do you think there might be a family discussion tonight?  You know, parents are stupid until something goes wrong!  I realized how smart my parents were when I moved out to my first apartment.
So I have been thinking about New Year's goals or resolutions.  My goals were to take care of myself this year.  I am the caregiver of my family but not necessarily of myself.  Yesterday's blog post was about starting to take care of myself.
Today I have borrowed a couple of Be Inspired ideas from a Newsletter I received each Tuesday from Prairie Stitches Quilt Shop in Oswego, IL.  The first idea talks about setting reasonable, simple goals and revisiting them often.  The second idea talks about saving money and/or time allowing you to do something for yourself.  I hope they will help you Be Inspired .
Be Inspired!

              New Year, New Opportunities, New Goals!!Are you feeling a sense of renewal & resolve for 2015??You can be successful with your New Year's resolutions if you            keep your goals simple & manageable.   For instance, clean out just 1 closet every 2 weeks instead of the whole house by February.  Add 1 extra serving of vegetables or fruit to your diet each week. Finish one sewing project per month.Keep it simple and write down your goals. Don't focus on the mountain ahead of you - aim for each hill, one at a time. With each goal you've reached, record it on your list & celebrate! Treat yourself to a bubble bath or lunch out or a trip to your favorite quilt shop!Most of all, don't beat yourself up - if you slip off your plan, just start over - life happens.  Focus Forward!     Wishing you a productive & prosperous new year!

Be Inspired!

Small change.......Have you ever started a penny jar or do you have a container that you fill each day with your loose change?  Are you amazed at how quickly you can accumulate enough extra cash to reward yourself with a treat?!20 cents stashed per day x 30 days = $ 6.00 = a free lunch!!What if.....you used the same principle of doing something small, on a daily basis, to realize a reward that makes you happy? Quilt happy.Challenge:  make one small change in your daily routine to realize 20 minutes of time for yourself - to sew, or cut, or press, or plan.20 minutes x 30 days = 600 minutes or 10 hours each month                                                   WOW!!Make a small change today! What will it be?
Today I will be linking up with Connie at Freemotion by the River where there is a Blog Hop going on and Quilt Story for Fabric Tuesday.
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  1. Thank you for posting the Be Inspired tips. I am starting to feel overwhelmed right now trying to keep up with all my resolutions :)

  2. Do the best you can Mina. I am with you on the overwhelmed part. My idea is to take some of the goals and break them down into longer time frames or smaller steps. Then they seem more doable. Thanks for stopping by my blog.