Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Finish

Yesterday I got up in the morning with determination of getting down to my sewing room as quickly as possible.  I am trying to get caught up with quilting customer quilts that have been patiently waiting during our remodeling project.  Then a text comes through on my phone, "I am coming your way this morning.  Not exactly sure what time but I'm guessing 10-11:00."  This was the contractor letting me know he was going to stop by and caulk my tiled backsplash.  Only one problem, I was still sitting at the kitchen peninsula writing the blog in my pjs.  Suddenly I went into hyper-mode, running upstairs, hopping in the shower, and getting dressed.  Running back downstairs and cleaning up the countertops so the contractor would have room to work.  Needless to say, the doggie doorbell went off before I was ready, and there stood the contractor at the front door.  The contractor prepped the area and I finished moving items off the counters.  It only took about a half hour and he was done.  It looks wonderful and I sure enjoy cooking.  Clean-up is easier as there is a place to put everything away.  Now the only thing left is to finish the valence on the dining room side. 
Finally, I headed to the basement to work on this orange polka dot quilt. 
The border pattern.
 The finish!
A close-up.
 I have some threads to remove and this quilt will be ready for the label and binding.  This quilt is going to be auctioned off for the St. Jude's affiliate in Peoria.  I have donated my quilting services on four quilts.
This week has been brutal in caring for our animals.  The dogs don't want to go out for long. They just get their business done and come right back in.  Taking care of our horse twice a day was a frigid experience.  Our family joke is the barn is a Marble Factory in the winter. (When you pitch the frozen manure into the wheelbarrow it rattles like you were pitching marbles into the wheelbarrow, thus the Marble Factory theory.)  Let me tell you, the Marble Factory has been working overtime all week.  The more you feed the horse for warmth, the more marbles there are to clean up.  I hope you can appreciate our sense of humor.
This is a view out the back of the barn with the manure pile.
The dogs wanted to lay on my rubber mats in front of the longarm but that made it hard to work.  They didn't want to lay on the cold cement floor, so I grabbed a blanket and layed it on the floor so they all took a corner.
Continue to stay warm and safe wherever you live.  We are suppose to get up to 24 degrees this weekend which will seem like a heat wave.  My husband just called on his way to work to say how bad the roads were last night.  Interstate 80 is littered with evidence of cars and trucks in the ditches.  He is taking his time due to black ice. 
Yours in quilting,


  1. What a a pretty quilt. I love the polka dots and the quilting is amazing.

    1. Thank you Yvonne. It is a customer's quilt and she is a great quilter.

  2. Do you have a computerized longarm or did you do all those motifs freehand? It looks great.

    1. Yes, I have to computerized longarms. Thanks, Libby.