Monday, January 12, 2015

Medical Monday

Today was the first of my New Year's goals:  complete yearly physical.  Done!
I was the first appointment at the doctor's office this morning and she wasn't there.  The receptionist kindly informed me that the doctor got called away for two C-sections.  I was sent on my way until 11:00 a.m.  So I decided to drive over to Hobby Lobby  and see what was on sale.  I ended up purchasing pink and black Eiffel Tower fabric along with its coordinates and matching ribbon for a friend.  A couple of little girls will be getting very special bedding for their American Girl dolls from this fabric.
I did grab some cute valentine ornaments and garland.  I will be replacing my Christmas ornaments on the garland in my kitchen with Valentine décor.  I will post the pictures when its done.  Sorry if that's a teaser.
I headed back to the doctor's office and got in shortly after arriving.  It was the shortest wait I have ever experienced in a doctor's office.  Saw the doctor right away with good news from the physical. 
Now I need to move onto the three other health goals for 2015:
Cholesterol testing
I am a caregiver in my family and we tend not to put ourselves first.  When my son had his car accident three years ago, I cancelled my last mammogram appointment.  Its time to get back in the swing of things and get it done.  The doctor said it has been five years since I had my cholesterol test and now its time to have it checked again.  I am over 50 and its time for a colonoscopy.  I have one family member who has had a pre-cancerous section removed from their colon, so best to get the preventative scope done.
I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was still pretty cold here but my husband was home all weekend.  He is my best friend and it was precious to spend time together catching up.  He works an hour away from where we live and he was gone extra hours last week due to working overtime and weather conditions.  We just did the normal things like have breakfast with friends, buy groceries, laundry and clean house together.  I was alone most of the week so it was nice to have him around to talk to and spend time with.  He made sure I got out of the house by treating me to a movie, "Annie" and pizza.
Last night I had the girls from Bath & Body Works over for a post-holiday party.  We are all good cooks so we sat around my kitchen table feasting.  We also had a white elephant exchange.  These girls are so creative.
Kaitlin received this picture made by Lela.  The squirrel applique is made of vintage wallpaper.
Lela is stylin' with her Beets Headphones.
The gift I drew was a movie "Perfect Pitch" and a game called "Doggie Doo".  I love the movie and I am waiting for "Perfect Pitch 2" to be released.  The white elephant I gave was a snap bag I  had made along with a big Hershey bar and some microwave popcorn.  It didn't get opened because one lady had to leave before the fun started.
As far as doing quilty things this weekend, I did work on Clue 1 to Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery quilt.  It will be my next shower curtain.  I also have this quilt loaded for quilting.
I have linked up with Sherri at A Quilting Life today.
Yours in quilting,


  1. Whew, you're a busy lady! That quilt top is pretty!

  2. I just made some pillows from that same Paris fabric for my daughter! It will make cute doll bedding.

  3. It looks like a fun little get together. Love the Paris fabric. Need to run over and see if my Hobby Lobby has some.

  4. What a great idea to use the quilt top for a shower curtain...are you just going to put a backing on with no batting...curious...

    1. Sherri, I quilt the quilt with batting and bind, just like a normal quilt. I put a sleeve on and hang it on tension type shower rod. I use a tension curtain rod (which is skinnier) to hold the clear plastic shower curtain behind the quilt.