Sunday, January 27, 2013

Drippy Sunday Afternoon

Here in Illinois they have been threatening rain, sleet and ice for the past twenty-four hours. It has arrived and coating everything right now. Here's a view of fence and we can see the icing from our back door.  The dogs don't spend much time outside.  Just get their business done and right back in.
Then if you peak out the front door you see the ice accumulating on our very old maple trees.  This starts me to worrying.  I know, I know there is not much we can do about Mother Nature but I don't want a sunroof put in our house today or tomorrow by a tree branch.
So after church today, knowing this weather was only going to get worse, DH (dear husband) and I set out some meat to defrost for supper.  Then we raided the refrigerator for leftovers and had a smorgasbord for lunch.  Tonight's menu is old fashion chicken and noodles.  MMMmmmm good when its cold and wintry outside and warm comfort food in your tummies.
My DS (dear son) was actually up and about today (usual asleep from working nights).  He wanted to make chocolate chip cookies together.  Half of the dough plain and half of the dough with choc. chips.  You see, he loves to eat the dough.  So quality time was spent making the dough and he put away the mess when we were done.  It is so nice when your kids start to realize how to keep up the house. Yippee!!
Well thanks for dropping by today.  I have one more week of contractual work and then I will be back in my studio full time with plenty to do.  The Covered Bridge Quilt Guild is having their quilt Show March 16-17th and I have a lot to get done between now and then.  Additionally, I want to blog nearly every day to stay in touch with everyone in blogland.
Have a blessed Sunday.  Yours in quilting, Terry

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  1. Our place looks a lot like ours right now. Barely made it out of the driveway this morning, had to drive in the grass!!! :)