Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spoiled Yorkie

Here is one of my constant companions while working in my quilting studio.  This is Rascal, my two year old Yorkie.  He is snuggled into the "big" dog bed, while Harry Potter, my Aussie, sleeps on the cement floor next to the dog bed.  Look closely at the cute little pink tongue sticking out while he dozes.  If Rascal is not sleeping in this bed, he is sleeping behind me in my desk chair while I am piecing quilt tops.

Here is the quilt I finished quilting this evening.  Sorry the colors aren't showing a little better.  It is a beautiful chocolate brown, sage green, cream, dusty blue and tan.  I quilted it with Honey Nugget 3014 by Quilter's Choice.  I just love that thread.  It works like a dream in my Handi Quilter and there is a large selection of colors available.  It is reasonably priced.

I will try to get a large picture of this quilt for another post.

Back to work tomorrow for four days and then I will be retired again.  Hey, no smart comments from those of you who like tease me.  Haha...

Have a great week and enjoy the warmer weather.  Tomorrow night we might get to grill burgers in 60 degree weather.

Yours in quilting,

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