Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Finishes

Just a quick post with two finishes.  First is a cheery baby quilt for a little boy that has already arrived.
Each quilt teaches me something or reminds me of a previous lesson learned.
This quilt has bias borders.  When I went to baste the edges down of the side borders, it let me know that I need to baste going down on one advance of the quilt.  Then the next time I advanced the quilt, I had to baste from the belly bar up.  This prevented the quilt side-borders from becoming stretched and/or twisted. 
The backing is Shannon which makes it super soft and cuddly. 
The second quilt is a breath of fresh air during these gray winter days.
This is a fractured quilt. 


Have a great weekend!

Yours in quilting,



  1. I've been meaning to try a fractured quilt. Did you enjoy it?

    1. I did not make the fractured quilt, it is one of my customer's. I was with her when she made it. It is important that you label each unit. She used a design wall, labeled each unit and hung them on the design wall in order. I have two more to quilt, both are poinsettia fabric.

  2. Both quilts are very nice! But that fractured quilt is COOL! and intriguing...

    1. The pattern is in a book called Fractured Quilts. This is the second one I have quilted for a customer. I have two more that are poinsettias to quilts. Follow along to see them in the future. Thanks for leaving a comment.