Saturday, January 23, 2016

Friday Finishes

How many times have you heard a quilter say, "I hate this quilt" or " I don't like this quilt"?  My customer calls this her ugly quilt.  I never thought it was ugly, ucky, or not pretty in any way.  I always thought it was a breath of Spring!  While working on quilting this quilt I was thinking of warm Spring days with crocuses poking their heads out of the last snow, daisies and dandelions.
A view of the back, showing the Glide thread and Mary Beth Krapil's pattern from Handi Quilter. 
Below is this yummy teal, gray and yellow beauty.  Its quilted with Omni Natural White and the quilting pattern is Apricot Moon's Ginger Snap.
Handi Quilter has introduced a new foot called the Glide foot.  It is wonderful.  The cupped shape of the foot allows it to glide over the surface of the quilt.  It is especially helpful where is bulk due to seams or excess fabric.
Below is a warm, flannel baby quilt.  The thread used on this one was Omni Banana and
a Handi Quilter E2E from the June update. 
Below is a full view. 
Here is a lovely full size quilt made with a layer cake of Spring fabrics.   
This is quilted with Omni Mulberry and the quilting pattern is Marbled Feathers from Intelligent Quilting. 
Next is the back of a quilt using Omni Banana thread and Flutterby pattern by Handi Quilter. 
Below is the front of the quilt. 
 Below is the final quilt for this week made with Moda fabrics and I believe it is a Doug Leko pattern.
This one is quilted with Omni Nugget and the pattern is Marbled Feathers.
Its a pleasure quilting these beautiful quilts.  It sure feels good to deliver them back to their owners for bindings and labels.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in quilting,



  1. What a beautiful show and tell! Lovely work you do too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sheri and your kind words.

  2. Wow you have been busy, great job on the quilting.

    1. Thank you Donna, I have really been trying to keep up with customer quilts. Just when I make head-way, the phone rings again. Feeling blessed..