Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 25th Anniversary, Rod, And the Best Thing I Ever Made

On June 30th, we celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my retirement, and Aaron's healing from his car accident.  Above is the picture cake showing the wedding and the new improved couple!

We had our party at the Bureau County Metro Center and entertained about 150 friends and family. Thanks to all the ladies that helped in the kitchen to provide a beautiful buffet.  Also, thank you to Dad and Pat, Cathy and Robin, who endured helping me make the food.  MMmmm, good.

 Thanks to Aaron's friend for the DJ services and playing our favorite tunes to dance to.

Thank you to everyone who chose to help us celebrate; friends and family from near and far.
Thank you, God for healing our son.  He's the best thing I've every made!!

Amen,  Terry

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  1. You are just as beautiful as the day you married that wonderful man of yours.
    Love and hugs,