Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Working on Wednesday

Headed down to work on my longarm shortly.  After the big update on June 15th, I have had many difficulties learning the new software.  I have classes scheduled for next week which should help a lot.  If you are a Handi Quilter owner with a Pro Stitcher, due not delay updating your machine when the updates are offered.  I put this off for two years and now I am lost because I have delayed four updates.  Procrastination is not your friend.  On today's agenda is watching YouTube videos, testing out my knowledge and possibly a call to Handi Quilter for assistance.  Ugh! Its my own fault.  Anyway, enough whining..

Yesterday, Harry Potter and I made our monthly visit to the Tiskilwa Public Library.  We had nine children show up for summer reading to Harry.
This means Harry heard about 18 books because everyone read at least two books. 
These kids amaze me with their talent.  Harry patiently listens to all the stories and the kids chatter.

The special reward for the kids was getting to hold and play with Tucker, if they read a book.
Tucker was wiggly when we got started, but settled in and chewed on a toy.  After playing with the kids, he curled up and took a nap on the way home.  We just might make a therapy dog out of this pup.  He would be such a nice size for nursing homes.  We will keep socializing him and exposing him to new experiences as training to see where it takes us.
I bought Vintage Farm Girl by Lori Holt earlier in June.  Last night I took a little "me time" to cut out and start piecing a 6" block.  Then someone walked down the basement steps and it was my husband home early.  Whoopee!  That was the end of sewing.  He has been coming home late (when I am in bed) for weeks.  What a treat for me!  He didn't call to tell me, he just came right home to surprise me.
Well it's time to quilt playing on the computer and get to work on the longarm.
Wish me luck!
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Yours in quilting,


  1. As I was touring Princeton, I passed the library (don't ask me how or why I got there) and wondered if you and Harry were still visiting. Hope your master the updates soon!

  2. We are visiting the Tiskilwa Library, which is a little town 6 miles south of Princeton. Both towns have very nice libraries that have recently been updated to be accessible.
    I enjoy the children and sharing Harry with others. Harry was gifted to me and I am trying to "pay-it-forward" by sharing him with others.