Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday's Pet Lesson

This Blog post was written last Thursday, May 21st but I am posting it today, May 28th.

Good Thursday morning!  It is a little chilly outside this morning but not as chilly as yesterday.  It was only 40 degrees Wednesday morning.  I decided to fire up the oven and do some baking.  I try and bake items for our church's social hour.  I chose Chunky Apple Breakfast Muffins from the Stud Muffins book.  I also made two Danish Coffee Cakes.  The coffee cakes are my favorite because they are so moist due to buttermilk in the recipe.  Making two used up all the buttermilk in the refrigerator.

Getting the baking done, I moved on to planting the rest of my flowers.  I had to hanging pots for the front porch, one large pot for the front porch and one large house plant that needed to be repotted.  I knew we are expecting rain starting on Thursday (today) and wanted Mother Nature to do the watering.  I planted all my flowers in pots because we are expecting to do some remodeling on our house and need to be able to move the flowers out of the way.  I also planted one grape tomato plant.  I hope to have a few small tomatoes for  salads or snacking.

Then I headed down to the basement to work on quilting.  I am working on quilting two lap quilts.  I have the batting cut and one backing made.  The second backing is cut and ready to be sewn.

Have a great day!

Yours in quilting,

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