Thursday, October 2, 2014

Waste Not Thursday

Today is my day off from my mall job.  Trying to use up all the food that has been given to us from Dad's garden and others.  I had some huge apples given to me and unfortunately a few were bad on the inside.  I cut up the good apples and added a few from the refrigerator and made apple cobbler.
Then I moved on to cutting up watermelon.  I also cooked up some fish I had defrosted so my husband can just heat and eat his dinner tonight.  I will be gone to quilt guild tonight. 
Also, cooking up some squash so I can freeze it and have it ready to zap in the microwave for dinner one night.  We are preparing to have your kitchen remodeled.  Therefore, I am trying to use up food and cook ahead so we have some things to pull out of freezer while the kitchen is torn up.  I know we will get tired of restaurants.
This is one of my cupboards.  You are looking at a drawer without a front because it fell off.  It has be glued, screwed and L-bracketed on several times.  There nothing left to glue it back onto.  It does make for easy access to measuring cups.
Yesterday it as sunny and as I walked out onto the back deck the geraniums looked so happy.
The two pots are just blooming their little hearts out!
Have a great Thursday and stop by tomorrow for Friday Finishes.
Yours in quilting,

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