Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Finishes - Happy 4th of July America!

Happy 4th of July!
Hope you are celebrating the fourth of July your way with family and friends.
We (Rod and I) have been working long hours at our jobs this week.  Rod has had 12 hour day at his job preparing for the long holiday weekend.  I have been busy with my mall job and completing quilts for deadlines.

First, since Rod is around he thinks he has to be the energizer bunny and get many things done. The Acadia is vacuumed, detailed and waxed.  Mmmm, maybe its time for a Shop Hop with a clean vehicle?
Now he has moved on to weed-eating around the fence in the backyard.
While he was out working on the vehicles, I decided to work on making a batch of Mom's Super Laundry Sauce.  Recipe is HERE.
Later, I will have to whip it and it will look like mayonnaise.  You use one tablespoon per load.  My friend swears by it, as she has three busy grandkids and lots of laundry, I thought I should try it. 
Kathy O has been at it again.  She made the fish quilt a few weeks back.  Here is the quilt for grandson, Andrew, who is turning one year old.
Here's a close up.  The quilting pattern is called Road Construction B2B by Anne The pattern has dump trucks, cement trucks, road signs, shovels, and caution cones.  We used Omni thread. 
On the back is Minky or Shannon, I don't which brand.  Its so snuggly soft. 
Next finish was this lovely Carpenter Star Quilt.
Its made with embossed fabrics. 
 The quilting pattern is Rose Garden by Handi Quilter and light sage thread by Omni.
This quilt was 90" x 102" and with no one else around I just had to drape it across the longarm for pictures.  Its so much fun when the customer walks in, sees the quilt waiting and says "Oh I just love it".  She hadn't even seen the front yet.
I am currently working on a Thimbleberry quilt.
The dogs are not happy today, nor last night.  The neighbors have been shooting off fireworks and it makes the dogs very nervous.  Later, we put them all in their crates in the basement for their safety and comfort during the fireworks.

Have a great holiday!
Yours in quilting,




  1. Oh my goodness what lovely quilts! The one for your grandson is adorable! I use flannel on the back of my baby quilts too, it's so soft and snuggly. Perfect for little ones!

  2. They all look great - super work!