Saturday, May 5, 2012

Its Saturday!

Its Saturday, catch-up day, cleaning day, errand/grocery day, etc.  So what are you doing for your Saturday?  My sewing studio was calling but so were a million other things.  Spent some time with the dogs completing our morning routine of going potty, getting a drink, playing a little and one more potty stop before I hop in the shower.  Aaron did try to keep the little "Rascal" quiet, but only Momma would do, so I got up. 

After a shower texted the neighbor about our weekly breakfast meeting and agreed to meet in about 45 minutes.  French toast with cinnamon sugar, the breakfast of quilters, right?  Then I returned home to the reality of housework and laundry.  So I stripped the bed and headed to the basement, loaded the wash machine and started cleaning the kennel area, a never ending job.

This afternoon my back was aching and the dryer was trying to keep up with the washer.  So time for a little stitching time and off my feet to let the back rest.  A few Advil later along with a big glass of ice tea and I am cutting fabric so I can chain stitch blocks together.

We all need a little fabric therapy each day to nourish our bodies and our minds.  Hope you were able to get a few things accomplished today and catch a few rays of sunshine.  Have a great evening.


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  1. Oh Terry your doing a great job at posting! Love the pic of Harry, what a guy, even poses for the pic. So what does all those little squares belong to? Lets see a finish huh?