Monday, June 13, 2016

Handi Quilter Academy 2016

I have been looking forward to this trip to HQ Academy for over a year.  Last year when the update came out for the Pro Stitcher, I was way behind in my learning.  When I downloaded the update, I could only turn the computer on.  Since I had not kept up with the updates, I was sadly behind.  Lesson #1:   Keep up on the updates!

Since I was not current on the updates, I did not try to attend Academy in 2015.  Instead I worked hard on re-learning Pro-Stitcher from the old system to the new system with the help of classes through local dealers and Elaine Gilmore, educator.

Fast forward to 2016, I registered for Art and Stitch Boot Camp, Art and Stitch classes and many Pro-Stitcher classes.  I boarded a plane at Chicago's O'Hare Airport and let the adventure begin!
Lesson #2:  Bring an extra suitcase.  I asked the question on the Facebook Pro-Stitcher Posse group how to pack for Academy.  Many responded to bring an extra suitcase for all the giveaways.  I packed a suitcase in a suitcase going out to Salt Lake City.  Packed efficiently and left home with my luggage weighing 26 lbs.  Lesson #3:  Wear layers of clothing, the classrooms were chilly.  My son suggested I buy a backpack meant for laptops for transporting my computers to the Academy.  Lesson #4:  Use a laptop backpack for carrying computer equipment from class to class.  I bought mine in the computer section at Wal Mart. I carried it on the plane, also.

The fun began as when I checked in at the Express Shuttle counter.  As soon as I had a seat in the waiting area the new friendships began.  Other quilters were already talking about Pro-Stitcher experiences, we were showing pictures on our smart phones, and then we shared the shuttle ride to the hotel.  Checking into the hotel went smoothly, we dropped our luggage in our rooms, and walked to Corbins for dinner.  Look at that view.
It felt good to walk to the restaurant after our flights.  Susie, Diane and Cindy Lou striking up the conversation.  They have attended Academy more than once.

Vicki Hoth and all the wonderful Handi Quilter staff and guests.

Mark, the CEO of Handi Quilter, demonstrating the batik sarong.  He is such a good sport and was a great host to all of us. 
I took classes from many of the educators.   This is Susan Manry.  She spoke to my learning style, Pro-Stitcher!

This is my project with Lynn Blevins.  She is a new HQ Educator and I loved her step-by-step process.  I know this hand-out will help me re-create this project at home.

This is Jan Potter, fabric artist.  She brought her thread painting of her dog to a meal so I could see it. 
It is just like a photo it is so life-like. 
Here's a picture from one of the classes in custom quilting with Vicki Hoth.
The daisy quilt was from two classes on custom quilting and creative fills class by Vicki Hoth.

The last day I took a Zentagles class from Linda Matteotti. 
We drew this block in Art and Stitch.  I have it saved and am looking forward to stitching it out. 
Another sample of Zentagle by Linda M.

There certainly was a lot of entertainment and joking around.  Never a dull moment with Mark and Vicki and the whole Handi Quilter Family.  Our speakers were Bruce Madigson, owner of Sew Batiks and Kimmy Brunner.  Both speakers had fun and informative stories, and after the long days of learning it was easy to sit back and enjoy them.

This notebook is my new golden book!  All my handouts and notes are in a safe place.
The teachers gave all their handouts with three holes already punched and you could place them in your notebook immediately. 
Now for all the swag! 
Threads from Aurifil, Wonderfil, Superior.
Gadgets and goodies from Handi Quilter.
Fat quarters and candy from the quilt shops on the hop.

Books and magazines from teachers, vendors and other sponsors.

Free Pro-Stitcher patterns, discounts, and measuring tape from pattern designers.

I also purchased items from Handi Quilter with their 10% discount, some I was able to bring home and the rest will be shipped to me.

Thank you to all involved in the Handi Quilter Academy.  A special thank you to my roommate, Susan Lippolis.  You were the perfect roommate.

 Lesson # 5:  I would highly recommend Handi Quilter Academy.  Its four days of intense learning that is worth the investment!

Yours in quilting,


  1. I couldn't agree more. Can't wait for next year!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I attended last year and loved it. I would have enjoyed the Art and Stitch Bootcamp as I am still not comfortable with that program.

    1. I am planning on ordering a printed manual from Mike's Machine Shop in Southern Illinois. Then I hope to commit to spending about 15 minutes a day working through the manual. I can see so many possibilities but I am still somewhat hesitant. I will keep plugging along until it sinks in.

  3. Thanks for the great review of HQ Academy! Nancy

    1. You're welcome. I appreciate all your hard work. My roommate and I worked out very well.:)

  4. Great pics of the fun. I am so glad I went!

  5. Terry - it was great to have you in class! I am so happy to read you enjoyed yourself. I enjoyed myself, also. You did a fabulous job recapping all the fun - I wish I'd been able to check out all the classes!
    I'll look forward to seeing you again - lynn blevens (btw, I'm not a new HQ Educator; I just hadn't taught at Academy before this year..but I'd sure like to do it again next year!)

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventures. Looks like a fun event :)