Thursday, April 14, 2016

Work in Progress Wednesday & Trip Pictures

Today I feel like I have played shuffle the deck with things around the house.  I am moving stuff out of the way of the electrician and putting back things we had moved in anticipation of work by the contractor.  The electrical contractor is here today installing new lights and new circuits.  WooHoo! for new lighting on the outside of the house.  We have always had yellow glass in our lights which gives off a haunting glow.  Now we will have LED lighting and bright, so beware burglars.  When you lived in house for many years (26+) there comes a time when updating is a necessity.  It has been a long drawn out process over the last year and a half.  I will post pictures in the future.
We have just returned from a vacation in Washington DC and the contractors have returned to finish the work in our house. On our second day of our bus trip, we visited Gettysburg.  This view is from Round Top looking over the battlefields.
The South Carolina memorial. 
Rod at the Mississipi Memorial. 
Inside the museum is the Cyclorama.  This is an oil painting in-the-round. 
Another view in the Cyclorama.
We had been to Gettysburg before, about 15 years ago with our son.  They have built a new museum and visitors center along with the Cyclorama.  Its a beautiful place to visit.  We also ate dinner at the Dobbin House Tavern.  The Dobbin House was also part of the underground railroad for slaves.  They hid the slaves between the floors during the day.  The slaves came out and traveled by night.
They took us upstairs to eat.  It was tight quarters up there but the food was good.  Below is our beautiful candlelit dinner table with Joe and Kathy Olson.  We also enjoyed meeting many other couples on our bus, plus finding out we knew many other people in common.  It's a small world. 
Have a great day!  The sun is shining and its starting to warm up.  This weather is much nicer than what we dealt with last week. 
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  1. Going to Paducah this year? I haven't lost my voice yet.